Xplocial: Training 101

Welcome Aboard, Captain:

You have made  great decision that will now impact you and all the people around you!!!   Out of the thousands of work-from-home opportunities available this is by far the BEST one because of one word!

100% Commissions!!!

ok 2 words…

Not since the EmpowerNetwork.com has there been a commission pass-up system that pays you faster.  The empower-network offers you a viral blogging system to spread the message and this XPLOCIAL system allows you to have a PRODUCT to BLOG about!! it is truly the BEST of both worlds!!!

In business the product or the service is the meat & potatoes of the PLAN… its how you get PAID for the exchange of goods or services… Its how money moves from your client to your POCKET…

All I ask is a 90-day Commitment before you decide that this is not working for you!

What does that mean… well you answered several questions when you PRESSED the SUBMIT button and they were…

1.  Do you have internet marketing experience?   yes / no

3.   Can you commit a min. of 2 hours per week?   yes /  no /  maybe /  up to 8 hrs

4.  Are you willing watch training videos?   yes /  no / maybe

5.  What would you do with an extra $500.00/month?

These questions are why you signed up:

You don’t need internet marketing experience, but you must be able to provide a minimum of 2 hours per week to this business and watch training videos!!!  This will get you that extra $500 to $1,000.00 dollars per month that you need!

So with that being said … lets get started…


ps: need a pre-paid visa get it here today! @ greendot.com

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