Proceeds from your patronage help support veterans receive various serves like, free meals, shelter and lifetime subscriptions to D.A.V. or B.V.A. chapters.

 Register to get Lucky Veteran Coin Tokens and win FREE prizes…

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The World of Products Catalog that you can download has over 2,000 home products to make our Veteran-Community Living easier.

Affordability priced and with discounts every citizen get the best of both worlds… invite your friends and family to enjoy our products and you will get promotional codes that will get you free prizes as a very grateful Thank You. Remember ever purchase also helps our fellow veterans in need who are sill waiting for that VA Back-LOG to clear up while they remain HOMELESS and HUNGRY… so don’t forget to click on the GIVE-A-VET a meal button as well, no purchase necessary for that just a way of saying…”thank you for your service”…

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aaBlanket_Flyer_VLO2013Visit Gift-Shop

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