Here’s Why Xplocial Is Going To Be Completely Different                     From Every Other Business You’ve Ever Had Or Looked At!

X•plo•cial [x-plo-shuhl]
1. Pertaining to an  “Exploding Social Movement.”
2. As in the “Movement” to be responsible for our own  “Personal Economy.”

Welcome To The  World Of 100% Commissions
And A $29 Cost Of Entry That Anyone Can Afford!

With Xplocial, you’ll have the opportunity to  create a professional income in WEEKS – not years!Let’s  face it… You’re here because you’re looking for MORE. You want MORE security; you want MORE money, MORE time, and MORE freedom. You want to feel like you’re in control for a  change! And by the time you finish reading this page, you’ll know for sure that you’ve come to the right place…


“This Is The Fastest, Simplest And Safest Way To
Earn Money Both Now And For The Future!”

Whether  it’s because of uncertainty in our economic environment, loss of a job or the  thought that you might have the need to supplement or quickly replace your  income or to completely reinvent yourself, on your terms… Xplocial is YOUR answer!

You’ve  probably heard this “story” from other Companies  or your Field Leaders:

“Just  build your business hard with us for the next 3-5 years and then you’ll  have a large income you can be proud of.”

To Speak Plainly, They Couldn’t   Have Been More Wrong…

  • Do  you have 3-5 years to wait to build an income that you need right NOW?
  • Can  you afford to be paid small “nickel-and-dime” commissions along the way?
  • Who  wants to join your business now and wait 3-5 years to get paid good money?

Let’s  just be honest… You don’t have time to screw around.  Neither do  the people you know. You’ve got things that you need to take care of RIGHT NOW!  You’ve got people in your life who are  depending on you RIGHT NOW!  You don’t have 3-5 years to wait to get paid a decent income.  So, why  settle for a program that pays you that way?

What About You? Which Would You Choose?

With Xplocial, you can receive “NOW MONEY” and keep 100% of the PROFITS!

In  order to make a serious income, you’ve got to be able to get into positive cash  flow QUICKLY yourself AND help your Affiliates to do the same!

The true power of the Xplocial program is that you’re  getting paid 100% of commissions.   Without splitting up your profits and commissions with an upline!Xplocial  allows YOU the ability to earn $29 and $100 MONTHLY sales AND Profits immediately  by using our automated sales system.Read that again: when someone goes  through our automated sales system and decides to purchase the Gold  Membership….you keep the ENTIRE $29 that they pay. When they choose to purchase the Platinum Membership, you keep the ENTIRE $100 that they pay – And BEST of all, this money comes in  monthly!No  splitting up small commissions with people in your upline. No watching the  company keep 50% OR MORE of the money! You  keep 100% of the money and commissions on the sales that come to you!If  you need a REALLY FAST change in your income — and you don’t have 3-5 years to wait  to find a solution. Xplocial is the simplest, fastest and SAFEST way for you  to create instant 100% RESIDUAL commissions that come in directly to your bank  account like clockwork EVERY MONTH!

Now May We Speak Frankly?

Please Listen Closely To Me…

Most home-based business owners are struggling, they’re not  making any money and they have more money going out than they have coming in…sound  familiar?Our  simple system was designed for EVERYONE… the experienced   marketer, the busy stay at home mom, students, retirees, executives,  professionals and others…People  from all backgrounds and all walks of life can create “Real  Prosperity” and “True Wealth” without all the  hassle…

With the Xplocial “Get Paid Now” Program:

  • You  WON”T need large downlines to make BIG MONEY
  • You’ll  always have plenty of FREE prospects to talk to
  • You’ll  have a true INFINITY payout on UNLIMITED LEVELS
  • You’re  paid WEEKLY – directly and safely from the company
  • YOU  could be one of the many Six-Figure income earners that are being created within just months!

We’ve built our entire business system  around a “plug and play” process that YOU can use to generate 100%  commissions into your bank account VERY quickly. As an Xplocial Affiliate,  your main responsibility is to take action on the concise and simple training  we teach you and become a “FACILITATOR” – NOT a Salesperson!

You don’t need to sell ANYTHING! We take care of the selling,  training, upgrading and education parts of your business – so you don’t have to.
We give you 100% of the education you need – without all the fluff and hype –  to enable you to grow your business business really fast and earn  large 100% commissions to fund your lifestyle or other business ventures.


We treat our Members and Affiliates as true  PARTNERS in our business. We know that the most important thing to you is to create  a stable and long-term income for you and your family that can set you FREE! Free to do whatever you want, wherever you want, with whomever you want –  without having to worry about money!

Our Mission here  at Xplocial is to help you to grow, to do and to become whoever you want to be,  both personally and financially. At the same time we want to make our Member community  a place where our Member’s lives are positively impacted as well as a place  where ANYONE willing to do the work necessary, can succeed with us.

It’s TIME to Create YOUR OWN Success Story

Go ahead and to click the “Join Now” button right  below, right now and you can get in for only $29. Right Now!
When you refer someone else to Xplocial  you’ll get $29 a month per person EVERY month they’re a Member. If they upgrade  to our Platinum program, you’ll receive $100 monthly. As your Membership group  grows, YOU can get paid on an “INFINITE” level of memberships!
YOU get to keep ALL the money. Your personalized website is going to be set up in  10 seconds. We’ll show you exactly what to do to start making money  IMMEDIATELY!

I Love 100% Commissions…   But How Does The Company Pay For Its Operations?
The Company or your upline NEVER takes any of YOUR money. YOU are paid 100% of the commissions and profits available from both the $29 Gold and $100 Platinum Monthly Membership Programs.
To take care of its operations, the Company charges each Affiliate (not customers) a $24.95 monthly Administration Fee to cover the cost of providing the product, websites, hosting fees, support and all other expenses.

NOW  Is the Time TO Make A Simple $29 Decision…

Right  here, right now – you have in front of you an opportunity that:

  • YOU  can afford to get started with TODAY!
  • Provides  YOU with a cookie cutter, “done for  you” marketing system!
  • Pays you 100% commissions – YOU KEEP ALL THE MONEY!

If  you don’t want 100% commissions …what else do you want?
What  more is there?
Don’t  waste another second…..

DISCLAIMER: Any earnings portrayed in any Xplocial websites or marketing materials are not necessarily representative of the income that an individual Xplocial Affiliate can or will earn through his or her participation in the Xplocial Compensation Plan. All references to income are for illustrative purposes only. Your level of income will be determined by your effort, participation and dedication in building your own business. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.

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