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We’ve got a Butterfly Labs Bitcoin miner, and it’s pretty darn fast

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The loud little box busily decodes money at 5.35 billion hashes per second.

  by       –    May 8 2013, 7:45pm EDT

Apparently, I’m a Bitcoin miner now, and it looks like I’m actually pretty good at it. Ars is currently in possession of one of the elusive but very real Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miners. It’s a tiny little black box that fits in the palm of my hand, and it contains a specialized ASIC adept at chewing through SHA-256 cryptographic functions—exactly the kind of calculations necessary to bring more Bitcoins into the world. Turns out, it’s very good at what it does: it computes hashes at the rate of about 5.3 billion per second.

Enlarge / The Butterfly Labs BitCoin Miner.
Lee Hutchinson

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What would Santa’s Rocket Sleigh look like?

 If we ever become a Tier One Planetary species would we take our Holiday Spirits to the stars?

rocketsliegh2Will there be Easter Egg hunts on the MOON?

4th of July on MARS!

ThanksGiving on the icy moon of Europa?

Well it would definitely be a Star Freighter named the Charon from eve-online for Santa’s  new Ride!  Yeah its an Ugly Betty but it can carry a lot of cargo!!!

Was going to jazz it up for Christmas but got caughtrocketsliegh behind schedule.  Wanted to put holiday graphics and painted reindeer on the skin but the Elves were tasks with toy duty and Elfish activities in World of Warcraft.

.santa-charon        santa-charon1

santa-charon2       santa-charon3
Tweet: Does anyone have a good Santa-Tracking App this year??? I heard he UpGraded the Sleigh for Interplanetary X-Mas


My Single Christmas Wish


by 1 month ago

Dear Gamer Santa

I have just one wish for Christmas this year. I wish that The Elder Scrolls Online will not turn out to be a big pile of dragon poop.

As always, I’ve been a very good gamer girl. I’ve run events, written articles and invested countless hours of time playing various titles. I’ve managed to keep a good work/life/gaming balance without forgetting to go to work and I didn’t bankrupt myself in the Steam sale. I’ve even started teaching my own child the finer points of Zoo Tycoon and The Sims, so that she might one day grow up to love gaming just as much as her Mummy does.

But Santa, there still remains a gaping hole in my life. I need TES Online, and I need it to be amazing.

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How To Buy Or Sell BitCoins – Video Tutorial

After LEARNING about this thing called “BitCoin” I am going to implement it in my game environment of EvE-Online for my Pilots to mine not only asteroids but these coins to pay for the game subscriptions!!!  {using the power of their home PC}

Published on Nov 18, 2013 by MrJayBusch AWESOME How-To-Series

In this video, I’ll show you how to buy and sell BitCoins. You can then transfer Bitcoin to a bank account to exchange it for real money. After transferring it into your bank account, you’ll be able to withdraw money into your local currency from an ATM. This is by far the safest way I have found to buy or sell BitCoins.

I made this video to help protect you from the many scams and ripoff websites that steal BitCoin from people. Both websites require some personal identification verification steps in order to Instantly Buy or Instantly Sell BitCoin but they are worth it for protecting your money. I ended up choosing coinbase because of a few reasons, but mostly because they allow instant transfers to my bank account and instant trades. Once you are fully verified, you can make instant trades on a daily basis (assuming that coinbase does not max out their daily limits). Your buy/sell limit is 50 BTC once fully verified. If you’re moving big money, like some people, this is how to do it the legitimate way. I know many people want to stay anonymous, and this method is not the way to buy or sell if you do not wish you reveal your identity or some aspects of your identity, sorry 😦

If you’re interested in other BitCoin videos, please subscribe! 🙂 Let me know what you want to see.

CoinBase –;

BitStamp –

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