Top 4 Ways Alienators Cultivate Supporters

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1. Alienating Parents are oftentimes charming, which is a characteristic that tricks the recipient to overlooking other very serious personality flaws. Also, when you see someone as charming, you feel attracted to that person, so subsequent information must be assimilated with that positive view point, lest you question your own judgment.

2. Alienators’ primary goal is to gain social standing at the primary expense of the target parent. In fact, isolating and having the target parent excommunicated by the community is the means by which they punish the target and fulfill their psychic drive. They will selectively share and distort information to shape (manipulate) the community. They will even try to paint themselves as the victims.

3. It is easier/safer to “blame the victim” (target parent). Other parents maintain their sense of control in the world by convincing themselves that losing their child through alienation would never happen to them because they…

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