The One Requirement for Designing your Future!

Adeposi Okupe - Online MLM Leader & Homebased Business Entrepreneur

First, I congratulate you for clicking on the link that brought you here because, really, you are among the 2 per cent (that wasn’t a typo, it’s really 2 per cent) of people that realize that their future is actually determined by their actions today. So you are not here by mistake.

Let me explain what I mean by the one requirement. This is what it means.

Nothing will happen along the lines of creating the lifestyle you desire until you have this one requirement in place!

And here’s it!

You must accept complete responsibility for yourself, and for everything that happens to you.

That is a fact with the full weight of every single word. You are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens to you, whether good or bad, whether you want them or not. Until you accept that, believe me, you are not ready to design your future.


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