What would Santa’s Rocket Sleigh look like?

 If we ever become a Tier One Planetary species would we take our Holiday Spirits to the stars?

rocketsliegh2Will there be Easter Egg hunts on the MOON?

4th of July on MARS!

ThanksGiving on the icy moon of Europa?

Well it would definitely be a Star Freighter named the Charon from eve-online for Santa’s  new Ride!  Yeah its an Ugly Betty but it can carry a lot of cargo!!!

Was going to jazz it up for Christmas but got caughtrocketsliegh behind schedule.  Wanted to put holiday graphics and painted reindeer on the skin but the Elves were tasks with toy duty and Elfish activities in World of Warcraft.

.santa-charon        santa-charon1

santa-charon2       santa-charon3
Tweet: Does anyone have a good Santa-Tracking App this year??? @castillocapital.org I heard he UpGraded the Sleigh for Interplanetary X-Mas


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