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Giving a Shout-Out to a Fellow Blogger @ Sov-Wars for being featured in CCP Fansite Dec2013 follow full-post link below:

Trolled by CCP

Posted in Uncategorized on December 18, 2013 by shaleelianne

Huzzah! My blog is a featured fansite! How exciting! I received an email about it the other day and quickly dismissed it as being a troll.Seriously. It was from a name I didn’t recognize, and when I get fansite emails it’s from this other guy, so I’m like, mmm, something is fishy here. Ignore.

I half thought it was The Grinch trying to steal Christmas again. If you aren’t familiar with that story, do click the link. It’s pretty much a classic tale of EVE. I thought maybe that guy was trolling me somehow. I’ve been a little antsy this holiday season wondering if he has finally moved on, or if he is plotting another dastardly thing. The paranoia is strong in EVE Online!

But apparently the email was real and I’m FEATURED (and oh so flattered!). I wish I would have had more time to prepare, I would have wrote a little more, spruced the blog up or something. Added more pictures maybe?

===Awesome READ===

Sincerely ZyberDawg  CEO/ Castillo Capital Corporation


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