Matthew Russo: The Money Is In The Details: How I Raised $27,780 In 3 Months Using WordPress

Matthew Russo: The Money Is In The Details: How I Raised $27,780 In 3 Months Using WordPress.

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PUBLISHED  December 14, 2013

This talk discusses how to use WordPress to tell better stories that lead visitors to action. It also deconstructs successful sites and looks at external systems that interface with WordPress to help us maximize our digital presence.

7 thoughts on “Matthew Russo: The Money Is In The Details: How I Raised $27,780 In 3 Months Using WordPress”

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    1. The “Call to Action” is highly under utilized because I believe the marketeer’s feel that it is BEING WAY TOO PUSHY! I say dam the torpedo’s if ya don’t ask — Ya don’t get! Advertising dollars from your budget went into that masterful campaign so you must place the “Call-To-Action” every chance you get… mine is:

      Just Doit Already {subscribe} I place what I want in brackets ..Have fun and enjoy, thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for commenting… There are many aspect to Marketing along with all the tools to-boot! The trick is sorting them out and creating the right mixture to get the results that increase the ROI. You can have an awesome formula-one race car but the wrong fuel will get you knock and pings…

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