ANAKLIA Sea Hotel -2025 AD

ANAKLIA Sea Hotel – floating underwater leisure center=

Uploaded on Jan 12, 2009
Floating underwater leisure center «ANAKLIA 1, 2» (hereinafter Center hereinafter Center) is intended for comprehensive service of travel industry, as well as to conduct business meetings and sport competitions and to have holiday on south seashore.
As a rule Center is located according to granted license area of seaside resorts with rich underwater plant and animal worldworld (flora and faunaflora and fauna)and in area protected from wind and waves if it is possible.

Technical developmental works of Center are carried out in two versions:
– movable construction of cylindrical form with upper decks and cupola roof and underwater foundation to erect upper movable construction on it; ANAKLIA 1

– movable construction in the form of catamaran with developed upper decks. ANAKLIA 2

Centers can be located in anchorage place.

Five star Hotel, cafe, restaurants with underwater portholes, cinema hall, conference hall, underwater gallery, casino, disco, open-air solarium.

As well as pleasure underwater vehicles, boats, airfoil boats, different conventional maritime entertainments: swimming-pools, water slides, diving, water skis, parahang-gliders, underwater and surface excursions, yacht and motorboat hire, fishing.

General dimensions:
Length from 40m
Max diameter from 28m
Height from 29m
Displacement during towing from 3800 tons
Towing draft 6.0m
Operating draft 9.5m
Hotel accommodation from 48 luxury rooms (each one has 100 sqm area)

Category Science & Technology

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